Written By: Danielle Noonan

When I was fearless little girl, I’d climb barefoot as fast as I could to the tops of our mimosa trees. I’d leap over pine cones so my feet wouldn’t get nicked, and land foot after foot into the pine needle beds until I could grasp that first low branch of those beautiful trees. There was something powerful and strong about them, yet so delicate with their feathered branches and leaves. They’d be covered in pink fluffy flowers and the faster I climbed the more flowers would fall and I could watch, from the top, the shower of fuchsia fluff falling to the ground. No one could get me out of those trees. It had to be a choice to come down. One that I made on my own and one that made me feel powerful, like the trees themselves. When you’re little, it doesn’t take much to amaze you or to make you feel like you’re on top of the world. For me, those mimosa trees were where I felt heaven - but I always knew I had to come back down.


Now that I have three little boys I wonder what their “mimosa trees” will be.  Where will they hide away? We all have those secret places. I don’t have to know theirs, but I can’t help but wonder what they’ll run away from. I hope that heaven feels as close for them as it felt for me because it was there that I found protection for my heart and the exhilaration of freedom in making my own choices. Even if the choice was to hide away on the tops of those swaying trees.


After we made the decision for me to dive head first and full time into ministry, I felt that same feeling I felt as a little girl on the tops of those trees. I’d sit at the piano, the piano I learned to play on as a little girl, and day by day He began to break stone and mortar surrounding my wounds and presumptuous ideas. And He began to heal wounds. Sitting at that piano I was just a little girl who longed to rest, to be understood, and to know with great intent what He desired from me within a new season. Those piano keys felt so safe, and with each touch I’d be reminded of the depths I desired to know His love and mercy. There was no distraction with hitting them, no doubts of my words and stumbles, just the outpouring of longing and praise and the ability to hear Him.  


If you’ve transitioned through a season, and you’re like me, transitions are hard. As much ease and confidence you see for yourself, you can still feel the pull and stretch of those turns and tides that roll through your heart and can exhaust you. The Lord pours blessings upon those tired hands and aching minds and just when you think you’re about to hit the ground, there He is, as strong and gentle as those trees. He gifts us with a divine vantage point where we see how He’s using us. He draws us in and you realize that the branches you climbed with all your strength, may have made you tired but they also made you sturdier and stronger.


These songs on the Undone EP aren’t just my prayers and intimate conversations with The Lord, these songs are my prayers for all of us. We have all gone through seasons in our lives where we’re not quite sure where The Lord is taking us. The question for us is will we step out in faith, or will we step out in fear and cynicism?


These songs are for all of us. They’re for the ones who yearn for worthiness, the ones who love hard and unselfishly, the ones who juggle the balance of family and boundaries, the ones who feel as if they don’t belong, and for the ones who doubt His love and still long for understanding and comfort. These songs are ours brothers and sisters. Let’s climb to the tops of our trees and sing them.

You can find Undone here: https://itun.es/us/hE5Kgb